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Are you looking for the top SEO Agency in Macarthur?

If you’re looking for the top SEO agency in Macarthur NSW… you found us!  And if you’ve come here from a search engine, then it’s self-evident proof, right 😉

We’re proud to call Macarthur home and to be able to help our wonderful local businesses like yours to grow by getting you greater online visibility.

The Macarthur region is set to boom over the coming years, so there’s a ton of opportunity on your doorstep right now for making huge money… all you have to do is take the right action.

A solid foundation is local SEO in Macarthur

So what is local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) anyway?

The people that you would physically meet with in your shop, office, or service area, are your local clients/customers.

Local SEO is simply making sure that these people can easily find you online so that they can do business with you. If they don’t know you exist or can’t contact you, they’ll give their money to your competitors instead of to you.

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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Bro’s core expert knowledge is search engine optimisation.

We combine industry standard best practices with our proprietary techniques to convince Google, Bing, and other search engines that your website is more relevant than your competitors’.

This means that more people visit your website, so you end up with more leads and sales!

Be visible on Google in Macarthur!

Ranking Factors

There are many proven ranking factors. Here are just some of the ones we focus on:

  • Correct “on-page” elements: It’s important to set up each page on your website correctly so that Google can understand its relevance to your intended audience. The Googlebot will scan each page for meta data which will help it determine what the page is about, and if the page is deemed relevant for a particular keyword, you can begin to rank in the search results.
  • Page load speed: Google only wants to return highly relevant content for each search, so if your pages load slowly they might be deemed inferior and given a ranking penalty. But if your pages load quickly, Google might choose to move you closer to the top spot.
  • Web presence: Google can tell how much commitment to quality you have by things like the completeness of your social media profiles, fresh content, and accounts in business directories. These things help your rankings because Google prefers better quality.
  • Analytics: Adding a specific piece of code to your website allows Google to collect data about how your visitors are experiencing your website. Things like how long they stayed, what they clicked on, etc. A visitor’s behaviour reflects the quality of the webpage, so Google can tell if people like your website or not, and influence the rankings accordingly.

Website Conversion Factors

Driving traffic to your website is pointless if you can’t convert that traffic into sales. Here are some things to consider:

  • A clear and simple message: Most websites are terrible at showing their visitors the real benefits of the business’s products and services. If the website is confusing and the message is unclear, the visitors will leave in a hurry. We recommend that each of your web pages are clear and concise and focus on a particular goal, like providing insight into your expertise and passion, or getting the visitor to contact you.
  • Visible contact information: Make it as easy as possible for your visitors to reach out to you. Some people prefer using the phone,  some prefer filling out a short form, and some prefer sending an email. So place your phone number, contact form, and email address prominently.
  • Only use great images: If the images of you, your staff, and your work are sloppy and poor quality, then people are likely to think that your business is too! Make sure your images are high resolution and tell the right story, to reinforce a positive experience for your prospects.
  • Collect reviews: If your customers have a great experience when they do business with you, they’re usually more than happy to leave you a glowing review. This is often overlooked, but reviews are one of the best ways to increase confidence in potential buyers. Give your customers a way to leave you reviews and display them on your website. (Just make sure you have permission to display them first.)

Here's what to do next

To get started ranking your site ASAP, simply complete the Discovery Form which tells us what you’re selling and basically what your goals are.

After that, we’ll carefully review your important information and deliver a custom plan to build your revenues, based on the exact same system that’s generating millions for other businesses right now.

Macarthur covers Campbelltown and Camden

To see what’s going on in Macarthur’s two local government areas — Campbelltown and Camden — visit their websites:

For local business info, check out the Chamber of Commerce websites:

Map of the Macarthur region NSW
Map of the Macarthur region NSW